Nigel Holmes

Nigel Holmes

It’s taken about 25 years for this book to be published. During those years, I was a graphic designer at Time magazine in New York, and then for myself in Westport, CT, about 50 miles up the East Coast from New York. The term I use for the work I do is Explanation Graphics; that’s maps, charts and diagrams—things that explain aspects of money and science and medicine and business and politics and sports and war—anything that someone wants to have explained. Usually these explanations are for non-specialist readers and they often appear in general-interest print publications such as Time, The Atlantic, The New Yorker, Sports Illustrated, the New York Times, and so on.

I lecture about the work and I’ve written six books about it. And from time to time, I went back to Pinhole, and wrote a little more of the story. Finally, in early 2010, it was done.

Here’s my regular website (I know, it needs updating!):

And Jorge Pinto’s site (his company published the Pinhole book; thank you, Jorge):
Pinhole @ Pinto Books

Also, this is my son Rowland’s website:
Rowland is intimately connected to this project, because as a young lad he was the first to hear the story, some 25 years ago. He also made this Pinhole site (and every other website I’ve worked on.)

You can read more about how the book progressed in the Pinhole blog, which will be ready soon.

  • Pinhole and the Expedition to the Jungle
    ISBN 9781934978306
    2010 © Nigel Holmes